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Název oboru:English Language and Literature
Typ studia:navazující
Forma studia:prezenční
Jazyk výuky:AN
Standardní délka studia:2 roky
Maximální délka studia:4 roky
Studijní plán:
Fakulta:Filozofická fakulta
Katedra:Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky
Anotace oboru:The structure, content and extent of the follow-on Master's degree "English Language and Literature" follows on directly from the English-language version of the three-year Bachelor's degree "English Language and Literature".

The follow-on Master's degree "English Language and Literature" is a philological programme which requires candidates to possess an advanced level of language competence (CEFR level C1 - "proficient user"), a very good knowledge of the grammatical and lexical systems of modern English, an awareness of the characteristic features of functional styles, a basic awareness of the literature of English-speaking countries, and a general knowledge of these countries' culture and history. This knowledge and these skills are further developed and enhanced in the follow-on Master's degree. In linguistics, students' knowledge of the modern English language is complemented by a knowledge of historical grammar and diachronic language change; there is an extensive focus on higher levels of language and features of linguistic communication (text linguistics, linguistic pragmatics, sociolinguistics); and there is also an emphasis on a contrastive approach (linguistic interference). In literature, students acquire a deeper knowledge primarily of modern British and American literature, while also broadening their horizons to encompass literary criticism.
Profil absolventa:The aim of the degree is to ensure that graduates attain an expert level of philological knowledge and are experienced, independent users of the English language (CEFR level C2), with a solid knowledge of English linguistics and of the literatures and cultures of English-speaking countries; this knowledge and these skills can be applied by graduates in a wide range of professions requiring independent intellectual work and expertise in the above-mentioned areas.

Graduates are highly competent users of the English language in both written and spoken forms, applying their language skills in formal and informal situations of various types. Graduates are able to independently and creatively apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in carrying out expert tasks, intellectual work and research; they are also able to systematically develop their skills and knowledge depending on practical requirements. Besides working professionally with language and texts of various types, graduates also possess a high degree of cultural erudition, which can be effectively applied in intercultural communication and international cooperation.

Přijímací řízení:
Elektronická přihláška:e-přihláška
Výsledky přijímacího řízení:výsledky přijímacího řízení uchazečů
Forma přijímací zkoušky:Form of entrance examination:
Obsah přijímací zkoušky: Content of entrance examination:
The written examination verifies applicants' language competence and Bachelor-level knowledge of English phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology, stylistics, British literature and American literature.
Kritéria přijímací zkoušky: Criteria for entrance examination:
The criterion for evaluation is the result of the written test.

Points attainable for each part of the test (total points 100):
  1. test of subject-specific knowledge – consists of a linguistic part and a literary part; 35 points are available for each part (the total number of points for the subject-specific knowledge test is 70)
  2. test of language competence – Level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (30 points)
The maximum number of points achievable in the entrance examination is 100. The minimum number of points required to pass the examination is 60.
Prominutí přijímací zkoušky:Exemptions from entrance examination:
All applicants are required to take the entrance examination.
Doporučená literatura:
Vzorový test:
Termíny přijímacích zkoušek:Dates of entrance examinations:
during the week of 28 May - 1 June 2018; the precise date will be given in the written invitation which applicants will receive at the end of April 2018
Požadavky pro přijetí: Conditions for admission to study in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes
Okruhy pro přijímací řízení:
Organizace přijímacího řízení:
Další informace:Other information:
Degree Programmes in a foreign language - ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE

Degree programmes provided by the University of Ostrava are also available for disabled persons (unless stated otherwise in the section related to the given programme).
Should you have any questions regarding the availability of individual degree programmes, please contact the Pyramida Centre. (email: , phone: +420 597 09 1234)

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