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eCourses for English Teachers
Id projektuErasmus+ KA2
Hlavní řešitelMgr. Slavomíra Klimszová, Ph.D.
Období3/2021 - 2/2023
Anotaceboth for pre-service as well as in-service teacher training. As three of the partners (Aspekt Foundation, OSU and ATH) are institutions providing English courses for will-be and practising teachers they decided to cooperate mutually and design e-courses suitable for different kind of e-modules which could increase quality of teaching staff and improve their language and e-skills. To complete this task the consortium members decided to invite for this co-operation also experts in modern teaching technologies from the company Sharing experience and good practice of all the institutions involved will become a good basis for the developmet of e-courses and upgrading the skills of their staff. The designed courses are expected to be accessible on webpages of all the institutions involved. They will be ready to be used not only in pandemic situation but also as additional material for inservice English teacher students as well as for continuous professional development (CPD) courses which many practising teachers pray for. Moreover, the modular system will allow to structure CPD courses according to needs and requirements of teachers, thus making them tailor-made. Depending on national legislation the partners can submit the differently designed courses for national accreditation and provide teachers with relevant certificates. The common work of partners makes it possible not to duplicate work which otherwise would be a must for each of the partners without international feedback during piloting, which naturally ensures higher quality of the developed materials and transferability in international context which would not be possible if the project was not carried out transnationally.