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Increasing digital competencies - the growth of education in society
Id projektu22020344
Hlavní řešiteldoc. Ing. Kateřina Kostolányová, Ph.D.
Období11/2020 - 4/2022
PoskytovatelVisegrad Fund
AnotaceUntil recently, the focus of the professional public was still on the use of information and communication technologies in the educational process, but so far many schools are not sufficiently equipped and teachers are not sufficiently prepared to work meaningfully and effectively with them. Nevertheless, there is now a need to go even further and focus on exploiting the opportunities offered by the digital space, as the European Union is aware of. Its initiatives aim to provide teachers with a sufficient number of opportunities to achieve high digital competence. In connection with the needs of the Z generation and the penetration of digital technologies into the field of education, new requirements are placed on the learning environment, school facilities, but also on teachers. Teachers are representatives of the X. This can cause problems for teachers, as they are required to keep up with the times and always be informed about technological developments, use it constructively and to be able to adapt modern technologies to the needs of the teaching process so that they are in line with the needs of the pupils. For the reasons mentioned above (among other things, the admission of high school students to our university), we feel the need to create a platform for high school educators to improve their technology, acquire (for them) new experience and skills to manage the teaching process more effectively - members of Z. Our project would be aimed at secondary school teachers, "bringing up" the following generations of students.