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V4+ Academic Research Consortium integrating databases, robotics and languages technologies
Id projektu21810100
Hlavní řešiteldoc. RNDr. PaedDr. Eva Volná, PhD.
Období6/2018 - 9/2019
PoskytovatelVisegrad Fund
AnotaceThe proposed sustainable V4+ Academic Research Consortium will tackle regional problems related to EU ICT research priorities in several issues: Partner search for Horizon 2020, building of the digital platforms of the future, language barriers, technology-enhanced learning, scientific cultural heritage, know-how exchange (there is ca 30 ICT calls for Horizon 2018-2020). The focus will be on networking of the V4+ partners in order to integrate their research expertize, perform Partner search and benchmark these issues by using the virtual technological platform. Horizon 2020 covers these strategic priorities and has a specific funding instrument available for bridging research teams: Coordination and Support Actions, including Partner search projects. Such support does not exist in Slovakia, even within institutional academic grants. This is barrier for participation of researchers in Horizon or for acting in V4 regional cooperation for competitiveness and connectivity. It is important that V4 grants enable such support. Solving the above mentioned issues requires joined research expertizes within EU consortia. So to create compatible V4 consortia for preparing research subjects for Horizon is strategic, also due to the bad situation regarding under-use of EU competitive research funds in all V4 + countries. The idea of Educational Virtual Robot http://www.ideal-ist.eu/ps-sk-99947 started collaboration of partners. They found that by joining their expertizes (databases, robotics and languages technologies) they could participated in Horizon as V4+ Consortium.
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